Components of the Marriage Matters Ministry

BUILDthe building portion of mentoring is designed to help equip engaged couples currently enrolled in a pre-marital program. Mentors will work closely with the Pastor, and the engaged couple to build on the Biblical principles for marriage. Mentors will meet with the engaged couple for 6-8 sessions, and possibly with the Pastor in some of these sessions.

STRENGTHEN – the strengthening portion of mentoring is designed for mentors to walk with couples that have been married for months or married for decades. In encouraging couples to build a stronger relationship with Christ, couples will have a stronger, healthier marriage. Mentors are encouraged to share their personal peaks and valleys in their marriage to show couples that we all have daily struggles that will pass. Mentors can meet with these couples weekly or monthly, depending on how the mentors/administrators feel the couple is doing.

RESTOREthe restore portion of mentoring is designed for mentors to walk with couples that are dealing with really tough issues. Mentors will need to offer love, support, and encouragement, and walk very closely with this couple. We pair mentors that share a similar story with the couple, so that they can share how they restored their marriage by placing Christ back in the center of their marriage. Mentors will meet with their couple weekly, followed by a series of meetings, to be determined after discussion with a Pastor or leading mentor couple.
Mentors will meet for a minimum of 8 weeks.

Resource Ministry

RESOURCINGWe are committed to making every resource available, within our financial means, to couples in all stages of their married life. Marriage Matters is currently offering a variety of Biblically, based book and audio resources to rent to the body for a small fee. The fee is affordable, so that the resources can be rented and then returned for the next person. The monies collected are used to purchase more resources and so building up the marriage resource library.

MARRIAGE GROUP STUDY RESOURCESThe administrators of Marriage Matters review various marriage study resources to be used within the church body, as well as for mentoring relationships. We make certain that these resources are deeply rooted in the Word of God, for use in this ministry. Some marriage resources may be coupled together with others to make them more useful to this ministry.